Our estate fruit.

Cab Franc wine grapes

Cabernet  Franc

Late ripening berries that give high sugar content and dark fruit flavors to the wine they make, “Cab. Franc” is somewhat difficult to get just right due to its ripening requirements, if achieved a fruit forward explosion can be expected.  Potent and flavorful a classic and a favorite here at 4 Whistles Winery.

Lemberger wine grapes


Large berries have high juice yield, giving this wine a light floral palette as well as a great capacity to enhance other varietal characteristics in a blend.

Cabernet  Sauvignon

Small berries with thick skin produce dark fruit flavors and full bodied strong flavored wines. Usually associated with dark fruit and rich earthy flavors, “Cab. Sauv” is one of the worlds most popular wine varietals.

Merlot grapes


Long clusters and small berries give great juice to skin ratio, making this grape one of the most prominent across the world.  Early harvesting   yields notes of red fruit and bright acidity, late harvests yields dark fruit and jam flavors.  The general fluidity of the fruits flavors make the wine easy to work with and great for any occasion.

Petit Verdot

Grapes on a vine

Dolcetto (Coming soon)

Malbec (Coming soon)

Reisling (Coming soon)

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